August 30st to September 3rd: Midterm Week in Israel

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It was a full week, we spend together in Israel, travelling from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, to Haifa in the far north, to Nazareth, than to Sderot in the far south at the border to Gaza and finally back to Jerusalem.

"israel is a small country" - visit in the settlement Efrat with Bob Lang, Head of the Religious Council

It also was a full week also in the sense that we met with a variety of organizations and got lots of information. On Monday there was the head of the religious council in the settlement of Efrat, Bob Lang; the debuty for Tony Blair of the Middle East Quartett, Hind Awad from the BDS Campaign (Boycott – Divestment – Sanctions) and Rifat Kassis who contributed to the Kairos Document, a statement of Palestinian Churches about the “Palestinian suffering”.

Tuesday we left to Haifa and met with Ruth Hiller and Michal Gelbart from the Israeli organization New Profile, working for the transformation from a militaristic to a civic society in Israel. The Wednesday finally was a day off and we used the time for some sightseeing and especially the enjoyment of the beach and some gorgeous waves.

beach tennis in haifa

Finally we went to Nazareth on Thursday to met with Adalah, an organization working for arab minority rights in Israel and then drove through the whole country to the south Israeli border. In Sderot we met people who suffered of the regular rocket attacks from Gaza and who still founded the grassroots organization “Other Voice” trying to promote hope and non-violent actions for the benefit of those living in Sderot and the Gaza strip.

sunset over gaza

Last station after we arrived back in Jerusalem was an alternative archaeological tour, criticising the onesided archaeology in the “City of David”, jeopardizing the local Palestinian community in East Jerusalem and claiming jewish ownership for Israel and Palestine.

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