Good Bye to Yanoun

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After three month it was time to say goodbye to Yanoun and its lovely people.

Last week it rained for the first time this season and a nice rainbow appeared over the Yanouni valley.

And then also the olive harvest started last week. When the settlement outpost around Yanoun where installed the village not only lost parts of its land but also access to some of its olive orchards. The security zone around the outpost prevents the villagers from entering the orchard. Only for about three days per year they get a permit by the army to harvest the olives. Not enough time for doing the exausting work.

In addition on the day when the villagers were allowed to access the orchard they had to realize that all the olives were already gone, harvested by the settlers. One more of the strikes that they had to endure so far. One more story that adds to the dozens of similar stories we heard.

After a quiet emotional good bye last Thursday we went back to Jerusalem for our closing days and in a couple of hours my flight will take off back to Berlin.

It is not possible to catch my experiences and emotions in a few words but I will write more about it soon. Thanks for following this blog so far!



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1 Response to Good Bye to Yanoun

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Oliver,

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and these images, during the past few months. I am so grateful to have shared a small part of the journey with you! I wish you a healthy and joyful re-entry into Germany. Probably you are already reeling from culture shock but I would like to bless this time of your life, whatever it brings.

    Take care!

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